Mixathon48 is a non-profit organization committed to promoting music technology education for musicians and music producers of all levels. Founded in June 2015, we are building a community where members can share ideas, offer support to one another, and create connections with fellow producers.

Our main event, a 48-hour online music production marathon that we call “mixathons”, gives producers from all around the world a chance to hone their skills in a hands-on, pressure-packed environment. We also organize in-person day-long workshops, so keep on the look out for our next events!

Special thanks to our producers from over 60 countries for making our events a huge success. It’s been 2 years since we started, and we are amazed by the support you have given us. Let’s keep this energy going.


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    Nicholas Yiu

    Co-Founder & External Director

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    Matt Hong

    Co-Founder & Internal Director

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    Nickki Nguyen

    Creative Director

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    Emily Zhen

    Finance Lead

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    Kunwoo Hong

    Music Lead

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    Nhan Vu

    Operations Lead